14 July 2008

My kind of Ghost Whisperer

Recently I am obsessed with the drama Ghost Whisperer, seems like the dramatic love is stronger than the love in real life. I remember a line from Melinda that catches my attention, it says "Love is not about what you said, it's about what you do." That's all, simple and nice but how many people in this living world knows the real meaning? You should be glad if you knows it. Not everyone had a chance to meet someone who you really can love and who can love you back as well. If you found one, you should appreciate and value it. All I know is that love comes from everybody heart, if its there, it will be there. Your actions determine your heart, not words.

I loves their stories as it shows all kind of love and the regrets that a person had after they passed away. Death is the time when everybody wake up from the living world. This is the only time you will know whether did you leave any regrets and the Ghost Whisperer is the last chance you had to clear whatever you needed to do before you can die in peace. Not all the time you will get forgiveness, as this world is also full of anger, hatred, jealousy, etc. One thing I am sure of that is fair in this world is that everyone only live once, whether it's short or long, it does matter... what matters is you only live once.

15 June 2008


Have you watch the TV series LOST yet? Its a great show to me although some commented that they're lost when missing some parts. Yes, you will. The show is not about people who get lost on island after their flight crashed. I should say that they were originally lost within themselves even before the crash. The crash is giving them a chance to find themselves back. I think everybody life is almost similar to the show itself, just that the way it presented was different.

I believed that everybody has a time when they are more lost, we will seek ways and helps to find back the missing piece. Like in the show, some of them was trying very hard to wanting to get out of the island but yet some just wanted to stay there. Logically, normal people will a logic will wants to get back to where you belongs. The question is, why should you get back to a place which you are lost when you have a better choice, which is the island. I believe in miracles and knows that it cannot be explained by logic. Lots of thing in this world don't explain itself in logic.

Recently, I am lost in part of my life and I felt so helpless but the environment talks to me and lead me to some solution. It is an incredible experience, everything just comes together. The message don't comes in one, they comes from the people are talk to, the movie i watched, the dream I made, the books I read and even some horoscope that I happens to read. I show it to some of my friend, they also have a shocking reaction. Some may think is a coincident but I believe that my fate will lead me to my destination thru' all these activities happening around me. There are hind here and there, I just need to figure it out. Some things are meant to be lost as you can't hold on to everything in life. Nothing is forever, there are things you can't change in life, just admitted it and move on. The most importantly is that Everything happens for a reason. We may lost something valuable to us but we will gain something back as well. Its like the cycle of nature that keeps the world going.

Life has been great and challenging for me, I will reach my destination one day, you will as well.

07 June 2008

Cutting up yourself

After going thru' my blog list, I realised that this one is unpublished since June 2007. After I read thru', I think it's meant to be publish now. If you ask me what image is this, I will tell you that this is me. Sometime I just want to know what I am thinking about...if I am hungry, I want to eat; if I am thirsty, I want to drink; if I am boring, I want to have fun; if I want money, I have to work.. isn't it just so simple? If understanding myself is simple like cutting up yourself, so that you will be able to see what's really inside you - Life will be much easier. Do you really have a lung or a heart in you, maybe you does have physically, but it still doesn't mean you have it emotionally. Cutting up yourself is more painful or knowing yourself is more painful? Everybody will be telling you the same thing, everybody has the same thing inside them. Have you ever wonder do you really have what they have? In actually fact, it don't really matters, as long as you are happy? Do you only talk to people when you are require to? then, this two paragraph is totally unimportant. If you ask me what I am good with, maybe I will tell you that I am good in talking rubbish and drinking. Probably the combination best describe me. I want to fly, I want to fly.. give me wings..

28 May 2008

Love, Relationship and Bonding

Many people experience love relationship but how many understand the whole concept of a real relationship? It's just like the story of the egg and ham bread.. the chicken involved but the pig committed. A relationship is not just two person being together physically but emotionally connected too as well. Spending time together not just for activities like watching movie or tv but having deep conversation while building bonding. In this way, love will be able to progress to another stage. Everything relationship needs to build bonding, friends too, we drink and talk to understand each other more.

All these sounds easy, but it is not a process. Love should comes naturally, you will automatically wants to spend more time with the person. This is something that cannot be forced, it will happens when there is love. Normally people called this the honeymoon period, this period of cos' will have normal argument as well to understand each other more. Slowly it will just move to another stage, probably staying together so that you can experience each other living habits. It will be normal to have argument to adjust to each other, this can eventually lead to a break up if cannot be compromised. Its still better than having a divorce which requires more time and money. If everything's ok, it will automatically moved to next stage which is marriage. Love and effort does not stops here, bonding and communications again applies here.

After marriage, probably enjoy one year of "just married" period and probably starting to make babies. Don't ask me why, if you don't want to make baby, why married? Maybe some people just feel secure when married but I don't think it is. To me, security is from the heart, you don't register it, you feel it. If someone loves you, you will be able to feel it from your inside. Not because when a person care for you, this is not love, this is not a process. A love relationship is more than care, it needs commitment as well. If there is not commitment, it will be just a relationship with an activities partner.

When a love relationship is over at the time, it ends there. It will be converted to memories to be kept. In our life, we will be meeting different kind of people, we don't experience all different relationship and then choose the best one after that. This game don't work in this way, when you missed your boat, you missed. You don't have to regret, I will advise you to appreciate what you had than wasting time
on what you had already lost.

Lastly, you know why marriage in Chinese is called 喜喜?It obviously is two person
喜 together. It is not a precess that needed, it's the heart that matters. It is two heart not one that can makes it work. Let me know if your idea of a relationship is different from mine.

14 October 2007

A Mother's Love

It's been quite sometime since my last blog, probably too busy and running out of ideas on what to write. Finally I have something that I think it's worth commenting and share.

I always think that a mother's love to their children is always the greatest and unconditional but I am totally wrong. Maybe I am just too lucky to have one who always think and do the best for their children than for herself. I realised that not all mother has no condition for what they does for their children. It's a child responsibility to take care of the parent bt not a condition to do it in a parent's way. Perhaps some mother didn't realised that actually they have conditioned their children in some ways.

I should changed my sentence to "All mother loves their children" but some with conditions. Finally I have seen some that have conditions in it, but probably they are too selfish and shallow to see what they are doing are for their own good instead of for the good for their children. It's so sad that these kind of love existed in this world but on the other hand, it will makes me appreciate my mum's love even more.
A mother fish protecting her eggs, yet they ate up all the eggs when feels that she don't have the ability to protect it. It's when she FEELS, doesn't mean it is going to happen.

Sad but true, but the only truth I know is that we ain't no fish. It's a fact that in all mother's eye, their children will never be grown up enough for their own, but in actual fact, they do grown up and they will be a parent next time too. The mature age was set at 21 years old for a reason, cos' everyone should be able to decide for themselves by then but of cos' there may have some exceptional case. Probably the kid are too protected by the parent and still depending on them. As someone said before.. a mountain that is smooth, cannot be climbed.

I hereby urged all shallow mothers out there, please think for the good of your children, than just selfishly satisfying your own "feel".
They too have the right to choose as long as they are responsible for their own action. No one can choose and responsible for other's life. What you think is right doesn't mean is the best. You may think that you had won a battle now but eventually you will end up losing a war instead. As I am very sure that no one in this world can buy respect.. it needs to be earn. Think.

12 July 2007

Benefits of $ingaporean?

Have you ever wonder what benefits do we have as a Singaporean? Besides having a clean, organise and safe place to stay. I agreed that these are important, but we share all these benefits with foreigner and PR. Where's our exclusive benefits we have as a Singaporean? Only for Singaporean - Singaporean here represent a single person or married with family.

Here's one of the article taken from Straits Time on 20 Jan 2007:
After reading the article, I send an email to stomp which was not published, so I decided to share my thoughts here instead:

Re: Articles on 20 Jan 2007 - The dollars and sense of citizenship

Dear Editor
After reading through the articles on saturday regarding about the benefits of singapore, I have some comments on this issue. The example used was based on the SIngaporean who has a family, how about those who does not have a family, those who are divorce or single?
The example stated for housing was based on the price that the family paid for in 1983, which has a 200% plus growth after 24 years. Are you sure that houses brought now will have 200% growth in the next 23 years? As for the heathcare, you will only be able to benefits if you are sick which nobody wants to. For education, the fees was used to compare with foreigners instead of PR, plus it will only be benefits if we are Singaporean with kids.
What about benefits of Singaporean as a "Singaporean" itself? You know, any of my friends from oversea, they are so proud to be their citizen of their own country. What do we have to be proud of our own country? What is our country doing for us? I have served the army for 2 years and now still serving as a reservist and PR in Singapore don't have to do it and enjoy most of the previlege we had and even better. Why is it better?
For PR, you can buy a resale HDB with sibling as long as the parents are not here. Singaporean can do that too, but how many Singaporean whose parent are not here? We should be given better advantages in getting a "Space" of our own. We will be more independent, doesn't mean that we won't married when the time is right. You can't force people to marry because of the HDB, ending up, you will just achieve a higher divorce rate instead. Example 2, if based on what the government discussion on the IR, if Singaporean need to pay in order to enter IR, then what is the benefits of being a Singaporean?
Sometimes, the government should let the people choose what we think is best for us and not what they think is best for us.
Thanks and Regards

After reading this, do you have any thoughts to share?

27 May 2007


After watching the movie "summer palace" with some good friends, we decided to find a place to have some drinks and discussion. We realised that what being shown has some reflections of our real life from the people you know. You may need to have some experiences in relationship in order to appreciate this show.

I remembered one part that touches me is that this main actress trying to light a cigarette and she happen to ask for a lighter from this boyfriend. This boyfriend who has a lighter that just couldn't light up. Suddenly, the actress seems to has solved the puzzle which is in her heart for so many years.
A relationship is just like smoking a stick of cigarette to keep you warm when the weather's cold. Every partner you find represent a lighter, but not all lighter will works. Even if it works and lighted your cigarette, it will only warmed you for a length of a cigarette. How many stick do you really need to keep you warm in a Lifetime?

In actual life, we are born alone, and wil eventually die alone. Everyone seems to felt so cold to be alone and searching for ways to warm themselves. Some may even get lost. In real life, some people you met earlier may be the only one you can love later, just that it just happen to appear at the wrong time of your life. Once you missed it, you missed it. There's just no way to turn back, the fire will not be lighted up again.

Life's such a drama.